Basic rules for special order invoices: 

 Rule: A customer name MUST added to a special order invoice.  

Reason: The customer name is attached to the invoice and will follow the part through the ordering, receiving, and pickup of the part.  

Rule: Special order parts are COMPLETELY separate from the main inventory levels.  The only time a special order part affects inventory levels is when either: 

1. the customer has a refund issued after the part has been received, but NOT picked up 

2. The part was picked up and the invoice cashed out

Reason: Because the part was never tagged as being needed for inventory ( because a customer name and invoice number were attached at the time the part was ordered) the part cannot be fully put back into inventory until the special order process is complete at the invoice level using one of the two options above.

Rule: Stock parts currently being received in CANNOT be used to fulfill pending special orders.

Reason: Stock parts are not linked to the customer invoice in any way.  If a user decides to create a separate invoice and then sell the needed part out of inventory the special order invoice will still remain open. The special order invoice will need to be refunded. 

Rule: When a part is cancelled in the receiving screen the special order invoice still has to go through the refund process even if payment has not been taken.  ( note: a note WILL NOT be left in the invoice indicating the part was cancelled at the invoice screen) 

Reason: To ensure that the invoice does not remain in limbo because the part was cancelled the refund process must be completed.  This also ensures that if a deposit was taken the money is refunded as well. 

Rule: Before completing a refund on the special order invoice, users will want to check to make sure a default restock fee amount will be applied during the refund. 

Reason: Some dealerships choose to have the default in place via settings within their DX1 account. Click on the link below for further information on how to remove the fee directly from the invoice BEFORE completing the refund 

Parts Invoicing: Shipping and Restock Fee Icons

Note: Users can also look that the refund amount to see if the fee is being applied as the refund will be shown less the restock fee.  Example: if the total of the invoice is $25.00 and the restock fee is $5.00 the refund amount will show as $20.00

Note: If the restock fee is NOT zeroed out before the complete sale button is clicked the invoice CANNOT be un-completed to remove the restock fee.