DX1 has exposed new DX1 slideshow settings that will allow the dealer to have more control over and configurations available for additional customization on what and how images, including spotlight promotions, will be displayed within their slideshow.  

Below is a review of all slideshow settings and some useful scenarios that dealers may find helpful in trying to meet promotional marketing/co-op requirements from manufacturers.

The Slideshow Management  tile is found under Websites on the DX1 dashboard.

Once you get into the slideshow there are multiple settings and configuration options available to you.  Since some of these are new, here is a review of all.  

At the very top of the page are 3 dropdowns that let you know which slideshow you are working with - choose the website, page and slideshow name.  Below those menus, will be the actual slideshow corresponding to those choices, that displays on your site.  You will be able to see changes here once saved as well as click on the View on Website link to see the changes in action.  Once you have the slideshow showing that you want to configure, here are options to consider:

Default Image Order

There are multiple ways to set the default image order for your slideshow images.  Most options are self explanatory: Custom, Newest Images First,  Newest Images Last, Expiration date Descending or Ascending or Random. If the Show Manufacturer Promotions setting half-way down the screen, is toggled ON, there are a couple more options to consider:

  • Sort by Manufacturer 

  • Sort by Manufacturer, Alternating 

Sort by Manufacturer: Once chosen from the dropdown, the default will show all active manufacturers for which the dealer is authorized.  This order option displays all promotions for those selected manufacturers in that specified order.

Using the Manufacturers and Category filters farther down the screen, allows you to filter down those manufacturers for display.  Categories may also be selected for finer filtering options.

As an example, if you'd like to have Polaris, Suzuki, and Yamaha promotions only - set the filters as follows: 

  1. The Default Image Order dropdown is set to Sort by Manufacturer 

  2.  Show Manufacturer Promotions toggle is “ON” 

  3. As pictured above: select the Manufacturers and Categories 

Once the filters have been set, to only show those three manufacturers, you have the option to drag and drop to reorder the sort.  Once ordered, click Save in the upper right hand corner. 

Only those three Manufacturers now show and all associated promotions will be available in the image section at the top. 

This sort option will show all promotions associated with those OEMs in the order designated. So if there are 3 Polaris promotions and 2 Suzuki promotions and 4 Yamaha promotions, all the Polaris promotions will show, then all the Suzuki promotions will show and finally the Yamaha promotions.  So in a slideshow it will look like this:

The image option of Sort Images By Manufacturer, Alternating would still keep manufacturers in that order but alternate promotions so various OEMs could be in the top 3 spots.  Using the example above, Alternating would look like this:

Changing the set order is as easy as drag and drop - simply click on the manufacturer and move it with your cursor to the new position.  Just click Save in the upper right side before leaving the page.

Additional toggles are available to manage all images:

Display Slider on Phones Toggle:  This enables/disables slideshow images on your mobile site.  Some dealers toggle it off for performance reasons.

AutoPlay/Arrows/Bullets: Those options indicate the type of click available to the user on the slideshow used to switch images.  AutoPlay is always enabled and will switch slides based on the Transition Style and Speed set.  Slides will display for the   number of seconds indicated.