Q. How are units added to DX1? 

Before a dealer goes live if possible a data pull of the dealerships major unit data is done.  Once the dealership is live, users can add units in two different ways: 

1. Receiving with a PO ( Purchase Order) Using this method does require the dealership to use the Ordering functionally to create the order first in DX1.  Note: The ordering portion allows the dealership to have a written record within DX1 of what has been or needs to be ordered for the dealership, the actual ordering of units is still done outside of DX1. 

Click on the link below on how to use the ordering and receiving with a PO together when adding units into inventory 

Ordering and Receiving a Major Unit with a PO

2. Receiving without a PO:   This is the most common way that a dealership will add units to their DX1 inventory.  Note: A PO number will still need to be added when the unit is being received the difference is the unit does not have to have an order already created in DX1 to be received. 

Click the link below for instructions

Receiving without a PO

Q. After the units are in my inventory what kinds of data does the dealership have access to? 

Click on the link concerning Inventory Management Overview

Major Unit Inventory: main search screen overview 

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