Ordering and Receiving a Major Unit with a PO 

Part 1: Creating the PO

From the DX1 dashboard click on Major Unit Management 

Click on Ordering from the menu on the left hand side

Click on New in the upper left hand corner

Create a PO # and choose the Manufacturer, Flooring Vendor, and order dates then click Save. 

Choose the year and model that needs to be ordered then click the Search button. 

Click the Plus button on the left hand side to select the unit that will be ordered. 

The selected units will show. Click Save in the upper right hand corner when done. 

Once the units are added the user has a few options:

  1. Model Name:  Shows any like models that are on order or currently in stock 

  2. Inventory Inc On Hold: Current inventory levels and units on open quotes or deals

  3. Suggested/Order: Will show the dealer what is already on order and based on the ordering history provide a suggested order amount. 

Note: The ordering process is only used as a way to track what has been ordered in regards to major unit inventory within DX1.  Any actual ordering of units will still need to be done though the actual vendor that the dealership would use. 

A number will need to be given in the Order Confirmation box before clicking the Save button in the upper right hand corner.  If a number is not placed in this field the order cannot be received in.

Note: A warning will pop up if any unit added to the ordering session has a zero in the Ordered Qty and will be removed if the Ok button is clicked. 

Part 2: Receiving The PO

Click on Receiving with PO.  users can either hit the enter button to see all open PO’s or do a search.

Note: If you do not see the manufacturer  then a conformation number was not given during the ordering process.  Users can still go back to ordering to see if this is the case. 

Open the PO then click on the model to be received. 

From here the user will receive the unit as normal