If applicable click the link below to review the rules and reasons for how the major unit transfer process works within DX1 

Rules and Reasons: Transferring a unit out of DX1

1. Is the unit on an active deal?  (For this example stock # 151 will be used)

to verify: 

when creating the transfer out enter in the stock number as shown and click search 

Only units NOT currently on an active deal will display.  In this example stock # 151 is not found in the list 

2. Is there a Transfer Acceptance Date?: The Complete button will not be active without a date in the field shown 

Note: the unit will ONLY be removed out of inventory based on the Transfer Acceptance Date.  If a unit is still showing in inventory and it should not be. to verify:

Under Major Unit Management click Transfer Out of Inventory on the left 

On the far right, look at the Transfer Acceptance Date field if blank one will need to be added 

The date may also need to be changed to remove it immediately.  

Open the transfer in question, then click Back To Active 

Users will need to enter both the Transfer Acceptance No. and Transfer Acceptance Date then click Complete