Customers can now receive a text message for repair orders.  Messages are available for the following: 

      • Service - Repair Order Completed

      • Service - Repair Order Partially Completed

      • Service Schedule - Appointment Confirmation

      • Service Schedule Appointment Reminder

NoteThis feature does not apply to special order parts attached to:

Repair Orders

Major Unit Sales 

Parts attached to stock numbers ( parts assembly) 

DX1 recommends verifying that a mobile number has been added to the customers profile before starting to use this feature.

Click Customer Search

Make sure that the number is in the mobile field of the customers information.  

The Preferred Notification Method field has been added on the right. Click the drop down for choices. 

Note: if Email is chosen a valid email address must be added to the customers profile. 

Example # 1 Appointment Confirmation 

Example # 2 Some but not all jobs are completed 

In the example below the Oil Change has been marked as complete but the brake work has not. 

Example # 3 All Jobs Completed

Note:   Click on the link below for instructions on how to create or change the default message templates