Part Requesting for Repair Orders 

Note: When working with ANY Repair Order, each user will need to click the save button at least every 20 minutes.  If a user walks away from the open repair order without saving within that 20-minute time frame changes to the Repair Order will be lost!

From the Dashboard scroll to the red tile section and choose Sales 

Click on the name or search for the repair order 

Click on Parts from the menu on the left-hand side 

Click the space beneath New Parts Invoice.  A box will appear allowing for a part number to be entered. Users may also search using: 

1. The type-ahead feature above the parts grid

2. The magnifying glass to search within the inventory 

3. Microfiche if applicable

Note: Dealers can set up microfiche through 3rd part vendors such HLSM, Parts Manager Pro, or ARI Parts Smart.  DX1 also offers a stand-alone internal Microfiche service for a monthly fee. Click the link below to see what DX1 can offer for Microfiche needs. 

DX1 Microfiche Overview 

Once the part number or numbers have been added Dx1 will show if the parts are in stock or need to be Special Ordered.

Any applicable BIN location information will also show to the right as each part is added. 


Note: Before the part request can be started the invoice must be converted to a Repair Order. 

Click the Save button in the upper right-hand corner. This will create the actual request for the parts 

By default, dealers will have a chance to save the invoice without reserving any parts that are being sold directly out of inventory.   Users will want to click "NO"  to make sure that those same in-stock parts will be reserved for the Repair Order 

Once the needed parts have been added an invoice number will be shown in bold.  This is the Parts invoice that has been created in the Parts department.  To view the invoice click on the arrow shown next to the invoice number. 

A trashcan icon will also appear next to each part number that has been requested. Dealers will have the ability to remove those parts directly from the Repair Order.  This will make sure the receipt is clean and will not show voided parts.  For further information on this additional options click on the link below:

Trashcan icon for parts attached to Repair Orders

Once the Save button has been clicked on the parts invoice number attached to the Repair Order will show.  Users will have two options:

1. Click the arrow icon to be taken to the attached parts invoice

2. To complete the parts sale by clicking on the check mark icon ( Note: This will just complete the parts sale to sell the in-stock parts over to the RO.  If the parts are special ordered the parts department will still need to order, receive, and pick up the special order parts as normal). 

When using the Arrow icon to go to the parts invoice, the customer name and the RO number will be shown in the upper left-hand corner. Any needed changes to the invoice can be made in regards to pricing, discounts, taxes, additional parts, and quantities sold need to be made before the Complete Sale button is clicked on. 

To see the status of part invoices for open repair orders review the color-coded symbols on the left-hand side.

 To review the different color codes click on the link below 

Repair Order overview 

Once all requests have been completed the parts section will be updated. 

 If any additional parts needed to be added the user will need to do a new parts request.  Click under New Parts Invoice to add another request.

Note: Any new part requests will automatically attach to the RO with a new invoice number. 


For additional support or questions regarding functionality, you can contact our customer support team in a number of ways shown below. Again it is mandatory for dealers to get with their accounting and business departments to understand the rules and regulations for your local, state, and federal laws.