Note: If the user has already gone through and registered the account but does not see any services installed, please go through the process below.

Note: Users will need to have their managers assist them in getting services added. 

Click the drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner next to the user then choose Edit Profile 

Managers will select the areas in Traffic Log Pro that the user  will need access to.  Click the Add button as shown and enter in the Dealership ID, Username , and Password.

Note: If the user cannot remember the the dealer ID, Click Return to Traffic Log Pro above.

Once the user is back to the main Traffic Log Pro page, click on the symbol shown in the upper right hand corner.  

The Dealer ID will appear as shown.  Note: The Dealer ID is the last four digits.  Additionally, the username and password are based on what the manager created and assigned to the user.   

Once all required information is added from the second step in this document, click Add then Save on the bottom left hand corner.