*Please note that the help site login is different than you DX1 login. To learn more information about getting your login information or resetting your password please click here to learn more.

In an effort to show and involve our dealers in how feature requests are being handled and viewed a more interactive process has been created. Reasons and benefits to you our dealer are as follows: 

1. Being able to see the status and completion of feature requests 

2. Direct reply option between the dealer and our product team 

3. Being able to see other ideas from other dealers and like or dislike suggestions being made.

Begin by logging into Help 

Note: If the user is not going through the DX1 application and still needs to login or sign up for help click the DX1 Help: Creating Tickets link below

DX1 Help: Creating Tickets 

Note: The creating tickets article also includes how to reset your password for DX1 help as well.

Click Feature Requests

 Click Start New Topic in the upper left hand corner 

Fill in all required fields as shown then click Save at the bottom

The new request will appear as shown 

Once you have clicked save to submit your request you should see a screen like this 

Once your request is reviewed and the product team responds to the request, you will receive an email that looks like this, letting you know the response from the product team. 

From here, you have the ability to reply back within your request, or even turn off notifications for this specific request

Users can also add comments to any feature request as well

Users may also view other feature requests from the menu options shown

And Like a post from another feature request

Password Reset Instructions: In the event the users password has expired or the user has forgotten their password, see instructions below:


From the login screen click Forgot Password 

Enter in the email address that the account was created with, then click Reset Request Link 

Once sent the following will appear.  Note The highlighted portion to check the spam folder if the email is not received in the users inbox. 

Click the Reset Your Password link as shown 

Create the new password following the highlighted guidelines.

Once changed successfully the user can now go back to the main login screen