Scenario:  You are working on a repair order and a customer walks in looking for an update on his/her machine.  Additionally parts need to be changed on an open parts requested invoice. 

Using the new  tabs feature all can be done at the same time.

While in the current repair order  click the Menu  option on the left hand side 

Scroll down to Service then Sales and click the box with the arrow as shown. 

The current open repair orders screen will show.  Now you can search for the invoice.  

Note: When multiple tabs are in use the current tab you are in will show in bold at the top of the screen 

With the tabs feature users don't have to go into the repair order itself to make changes to the open parts request.  Hover the mouse over the symbol on the left to get the invoice number 

Click Menu then under  parts and accessories  choose the sales arrow to open invoicing 


The user can now make the needed changes to the open part request as normal and still refer back to the repair order in the previous tab if applicable 

Once the needed changes are made the user can close the two open tabs  by clicking the " X"  or click on the plus mark in the upper right hand corner to open a new dashboard

With the previous tabs closed the user can now go back to working on the repair order before the customer walked in.