Inexpensive Interaction


You have customers that you've interacted with through an online vehicle quote request, parts and accessory order or a visit to your store. There are potential customers who may have just registered on your web site ‘Guest Book.' Now is the time to either start the conversation or continue it. E-mail blasts are a great way to make another connection with no expense other than a little bit of your time.


How do I collect e-mail addresses?


Your web site is set up to capture e-mail addresses via quote requests. The only way to capture an e-mail address of a visitor to your store is to ask for it. Be sure to encourage your sales staff, parts, service and apparel departments to collect this information by letting customers know that you send coupons and specials via e-mail. Then make sure you do just that!


How does DX1 help me send emails?


DX1 stores all lead/customer information across the entire platform. You can use the stored email addresses to send, schedule, and compose newsletters directly from DX1.



What do I want to tell my customers?


Send notifications of events, new In-store product, service specials, accessory coupons and parts discounts. Keep the e-mail brief and to the point to keep your customers' attention.


How often should I send emails?


Frequency of emails should be carefully managed. Too often, and you risk being considered a "spammer". Too infrequent, and you lose a connection. Think about how often you personally would like to receive notifications of events, specials, etc. and manage your schedule accordingly.


Do I send different e-mails to different customers?


Consider targeted e-mails, as well as more general blasts. You can create an e-mail that targets customers with a specific brand interest and ensure that your e-mail "speaks" directly to them. It may be easiest to put together a six month spreadsheet to identify the groups and types of e-mails you want to send over that period. You can then manage your frequency as well.                            


How do I get customers to open their e-mail?


The subject line of your e-mail can determine your ‘open rate.' Keep it short, five to ten words, and tell them what they'll find in the e-mail.




Avoid words and exclamation points that can make your e-mails appear as SPAM. Surprisingly, words like "Sale", "Reminder" and "Percent Off" do not increase the open rate. Using your dealership name with a colon or hyphen after it and a brief statement of the content of the e-mail can help with recognition and acceptance of your e-mails. If you have a very long name, try to abbreviate it and then use that name consistently.


How do I make it look professional?


It is always a good idea to type your e-mail into a word processing document to check for spelling and grammatical errors. Your e-mail will appear more professional without typos and guarantee that there are no misplaced words that could change the entire meaning of your message. Be especially clear regarding any promotions, specials or coupons, e.g. include any necessary disclaimers, expiration dates.