Dealers may place WPS orders and track the order status directly though DX1

Note: A token is required before this feature may be used.  Please click on the link below to review the requirements for this token if that has not yet been done at the dealership.

WPS Integration: how to get required token 

Click on Ordering  

Add parts directly, or choose Western Power Sports from the Vendor drop down 

Click New PO 

Click Create Cart from the drop down 

Warehouse availability will appear as shown

Parts may be removed from the Cart by clicking on the trashcan icon, parts may also be added directly from this screen as well

Note:  If a stock part is added to the cart the QTY can be changed

Note: Special order part QTY cannot be changed

Note: When removing parts using the trashcan icon: 

  1. If a stock part is removed, it is completely removed from the cart as well as the DX1 ordering screen 

  1. If a special order part is removed, that part will be removed from the cart, but remains in DX1 ordering to be added to the cart again under a different order

Example: Stock part 3000-007  is removed from the cart

In DX1 ordering the part has also been removed

Example: The Special Order part is removed from the cart, but now appears back in DX1 ordering

Once all items have been added to the Cart click Validate in the upper right hand corner

A warning will show if there are issues with any of the parts that must be fixed before being submitted.  Click close to review issues

Under the Alerts section hover over the icon as shown to see the issue information

In the example below, the alert icon shows that part # 002-1354C was not found so it cannot be kept in the cart

Once all invalid parts have been removed, click validate again.  

When all parts have been validated the following message will appear,click close

Note: the validation process may update the Order Qty and or item Cost, any change will be highlighted in red, please be sure to review these before clicking Submit

Note: Once the order has been validated the Availability column will be updated to reflect the current availability of the parts and will tell you if any are on Backorder, Eg. “3 Av 2 BO” means 3 are available immediately and 2 are on Backorder

Click Submit

Note: The submit button will only be active if all parts have been validated

Once submitted users can track the status of the order though DX1.  In ordering list Click on the icon shown for the WPS PO.

Example Invoice inside ordering list

Note: When receiving if the part is canceled on the PO  this will only cancel the receiving process within DX1.  Users will still need to go directly to WPS to cancel the order as well, a warning will appear once a value is placed in the cancelled field, this warning will go away.