Stock Parts Ordering  

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Section 1: Building a order for stock parts 

From the DX1 dashboard click on the Ordering Tile 

Users can add parts directly, use the search ahead box to locate the part, or use microfiche if applicable

If the part is already in the ordering list under a vendor a warning will ask the user if they wish to order it again. 


To look up the part number Click Add or use the search ahead field  in the left hand corner.

Note:  The Add button allows the user to search within inventory.

Place a check mark next to each part that will be included in the current ordering session.  Cost can be changed and will only affect the part for the current ordering session. Choose the quantity that will be ordered. 

If applicable the vendor can b changed from the ordering screen.  See the steps here: changing the vendor from the ordering screen.  If the vendor is correct click New PO 

The user can click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the new box.  If the stocking order is for a public OEM catalog ( example Polaris, Honda) Dx1 will provide an export feature and the option to preview the order before being placed. 

Note: If the stocking order is for a private catalog ( one not provided by DX1) the export function will not be available.

If the Export function is used The list will be sent to the OEM website. If the user is calling in the order over the phone simply click the Save button. 

Note: Ordering of the actual parts is not done with the Dx1.  The above shown process is only to track inventory as to what has been ordered. The ordering of the parts is done through either the export function or by calling the supplier directly.