Incoming ADF Lead Support

DX1 now supports incoming leads from 3rd parties, using the ADF email format. Each dealership will have a unique email address that may be given to third parties for the purpose of sending leads into DX1.

What is ADF? 

  ADF is shorthand for 'Auto-data Lead Format.' It is standard code format originally developed for the auto industry that allows for the sharing of lead information between various sources.

How can I use it?

  A third-party provider can deliver leads to DX1 by sending plain text emails containing ADF to a unique email address provided to DX1 dealers. Leads will be imported to the DX1 lead manager using the 'Internet' lead type and associated assignment/notification rules. 

How do I know if my provider supports this format?

  Many CRM systems support this format; You will need to contact your provider and ask if they support the sending of leads by ADF email. 

How do I activate incoming ADF leads?

  After verifying your provider supports sending ADF leads by email, contact DX1 Support and obtain your unique lead email address. Once you provide this email address to your provider, they will be able to start sending leads immediately.