The Newsletter feature offers the option to upload a .csv file of subscribers for ongoing management. A .csv file is a Comma Separated Values file which can be created in Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Open Office Calc, or other similar programs. Unlike spreadsheets, a .csv file limits you to only a single sheet per file and you can not save cell, column, or row styling, as well as formulas. In the example below we've walked through the steps to create the file via Microsoft excel.





Open Microsoft Excel (or the spreadsheet program you are using to create your .csv file) or download this template Subscribers.csv.


Label columns A-E accordingly:

First Name

Last Name

Email (this is the only required field)

Zip Code




NOTE: Categories should be listed per record with a line delimited format. Upon import, each category will automatically create a subgroup in DX1 and add the respective email subscriber to the subgroup.



Complete the information for each subscriber, keep in mind that the only required field is the email field.






Select Save As from the File menu.






Label the file and select Comma Separated Values (.csv) as the file type.





Click Save.






Navigate to the DX1 Dashboard.


Select the Newsletter tile from the "Marketing Communications" tile set.





Select the Subscribers tab from the left hand navigation.


Click +Import.






Click Browse.






Find and select the .csv file you created.


Click Open.






You must check the box labeled "I have received consent to send promotional material" to upload subscribers.


You may create a specific name for the upload, however, DX1 will create a dated default.


Click Save to start the import process.






A progress icon will update on the upload status. You may click Refresh for status updates.