To generate a lead the customer would click on Request Information 

Fill out the information fields. Customers can decide if they want to be automatically added as a subscriber to the dealerships newsletters by the checkbox as shown. Click submit

From the Dx1 Dashboard the leads tile will show a number in red.  These are new leads that have come into DX1 from the website or Craigslist.

New Leads will appear at the top.  Search filters are available as shown. 

On the far right side of the main leads page users will see two icons for B & L.  These allow the user to mark the lead as Bad or Lost without going into the lead itself.  

Note: If the Bad or Lost options are used from the above screenshot, this will close out the lead and does not allow for notes to be added.  These two buttons can only be used while the lead is in a New Status only. 

Once inside the lead it will default to Working Sales.  An overview of the customer information, and the ability to change the following areas within the lead: 

1. Current Status 

2. Lead Assignment 

3. Adding a Co-Buyer 

4. Two places as shown to convert the lead to a quote 

5. Convert a prospect into a customer 

Note: Descriptions of how to change each of the above areas is covered below: 

Lead Assignment can  be changed even if the automatic lead assignment has been turned on. Click the edit pencil then choose from the list of available users who have been assigned salesperson permissions.  

To change the status of the lead, click on Current Status from the overview section

Choose from the list of  options for reasons why the lead is no longer valid.

A: Bad:

B. Lost:

Once the proper reason has been chosen click the Save button. 

The five boxes beneath Road To The Sale   serve as a road map to the dealership as to the progress that has been made in turning the lead into a quote, deal, then a finalized sale. 

As each section is completed the box will turn green.  If all steps are not yet complete in a box it will turn yellow. 

Note: All boxes do not have to be in a completed state before a quote is generated.