Some dealerships have asked how to add their dealership logo to an email template. The following steps will walk you through adding the logo through URL.



Navigate to the Dashboard.


Select Dealership Settings from the Administrative Drop Down Menu.





Under the General Information page you will see your logo.


If you don't have a logo already uploaded, click the upload icon.





Find and select the logo file from your computer. Click Open.                         


Click the Selected image link. 


Click Save.



NOTE: This may take a moment. Once the image is uploaded it will display next to the upload icon.                                                



Click on the logo so that it opens in a new tab. You may also right-click and select View in a New Tab.                                                         


Select the entire URL address.  Copy the address                        




Under Dealership Settings select Email Templates Settings from the left hand navigation menu.


Search for and select the email template.






Put your cursor in the location you'd like the logo to go.


Click the image icon.






Paste the logo URL into the URL field. 


Click OK.




Click Save.