Note: This process is for dealers who may not have the Auto activate Destinations Feature enabled in the Dealership Settings area of their DX1 DMS.  For details on how to turn on this feature click on the link below. 

Auto Activate destinations for Major Units 


Click on the Major Unit Management tile from the "Major Units" tile set.


    Search for the unit then choose the unit 



Click the Destinations Tab, and switch the slider for your website (identified by your website's URL) to the "On" position.  Dealers may also set a unit to display in their featured section on their website if applicable by the toggle to the right.  Once set click Save 




Your unit will be displayed on your website immediately.


After you've Saved your changes, click View on Website to view the selected Unit's detail page on your website.


In the above example the unit now shows: 

In the featured section of the website



And in the inventory section