Navigate to the Dashboard.


Select Dealership Settings from the Administrative drop down menu.






Click Email Template Settings from the left hand navigation menu.



NOTE: You can manage email templates for Customers, Major Units, Parts and Accessories, and Service here.



Click Add to create a new template.






Label the Template. This is what you will select from the template drop down when you send emails from any area within DX1.


Include a subject.


Complete any other field that suites your template.




NOTE: You will be able to edit content in the template prior to sending an email based on the template.



You can select a specific template that is already provided by DX1 in the Set as default template for drop down menu.


Click Preview to view the email, once all changes are made click Save.        





The template will now be available when you send an email from any area within DX1 that allows the email feature.