Go to Dealership Settings 

Options for both Email and Text message settings will be listed on the left

Example  Text message templates 

DX1 provides prebuilt templates shown here

Click on each to edit. 

To create a new template click Add

Red edged fields are required.  Users have several options for customizing the message that their customers will receive. 

Note: There is a 160 character limit per message.  If the user goes over the limit the following message will show at the bottom of the message box: 

There is a 160 characters limit per SMS. Any template containing greater than 160 characters will result in multiple messages being sent, this may result in additional charges. 

Any custom messages created by the dealer that are not the default will appear as shown.  

To change the default go into the template and click the checkbox for the applicable default message, (in this example Temp A will become the default.) 

  If another template is set at the current default, the dealer will get the following confirmation box.  Once changed click Save.

The new default now shows in bold 

Dealers may also turn off or on notifications for SMS and email templates.  Under Dealership Settings click on Customer Notification on the left hand side. 

Choose which toggle needs to be turned on or off.  Users may also choose the default message for each type of notification as shown. 

Click Save once done