The DX1 Leads Detail page gas been updated for better organization and increased functionality.  The right side customer information has been moved to the top for better readability:



Also the sections below the Unit of Interest for Trade-In, Notes and Scheduled Actions are all collapsible. So you do not have to scroll to find the pertinent information.  If there is any information in those areas of the lead, they will by default be open.

With this update, new functionality has been added to this page.  At the top you will see the addition of two buttons: 1) If the lead is associated to a Prospect, you will have the option of converting that prospect to a Customer; 2) Create a Quote is also at the top so no need to scroll to the middle of the lead detail page.

The Create a Quote process has also been streamlined to one click.  Any additional information needed to successfully create the quote is included in the Quote pop-up.