Scenario: The PO has already been created however when at the OEM website the dealer added more to the order. 

Question: What is the best practice for receiving in those additional parts that were not on the original PO from DX1?

Answer: Receive in the amount of each part that was on the PO first.  The additional parts should be received in without a PO

Reason: This helps the accounting portion of DX1 because then the PO and the receiving match when the accounting is completed rather than adding parts that do not match the cost of the PO.

Receiving process

Go to receiving from the DX1 dashboard or through the menu on the left 

Did you know?  While  receiving those parts a user can also open a second tab to process a parts sale without having to leave the receiving tile.   Click on the link below to see how to use our tabs feature.

Tabs in parts invoicing 

Choose the vendor from the drop down

Note: If the vendor is not in the drop down list then a PO has not been generated for DX1.

Receive in all parts on the current PO.

Once parts labels have been printed at the time of receiving ( if applicable ) you will be taken back to the parts receiving screen. Click Receive Without PO

Choose the vendor and invoice #.  Dealers can also print labels for these parts as well as needed.

Click the Add button or manually enter the part # then enter in the Qty Received.  

Choose the correct vendor and input the invoice number and enter in the part number.  BIN information can also be updated or entered from here as well. Once the applicable BIN fields have been chosen click Save.  Note: Labels can still be printed as well.

Once all parts have been entered click Save

The Receiving Session Summary also reflects the changes