Rule: Stand alone part invoices (invoices created from the sales tile in the parts department) can be attached to Repair Orders, These same invoices CANNOT be attached to Major Unit Quotes 

Reason: Any part requesting has to be attached from the Major Unit quote directly for the following reasons:

1. In order for the customer to be charged for the part/accessory without having to wait for the part to be received if it is a special order item.  This allows for the deal to be completed. 

2. Repair Orders can also be classified as a Charge to Major Unit DX1 does not allow for those special sale types ( Charge to MU, Installed etc....) to integrate with a current open quote 

Rule: When a part is attached from a stand alone invoice to the Repair Order, Once attached it DOES NOT automatically complete the request.  The user must still have the parts department complete the sale. 

Reason: The invoice is left open to allow for the user to still add any discounts, change pricing, or add parts if applicable on the parts side as it is the only place the changes can be made before the complete sale button is clicked to either sell the part out of stock, or send to ordering for the Special Order Process. 

Rule: When a parts request is completed the user will need to create another request through the parts section of the Repair Order.  It is NOT recommended that a user go back to the original request in an attempt to "un - complete"  so additional parts can be added. 

Reason: Each part request is considered it's own "Sale" with it's own set of accounting entries.  The un - completetion of the invoice would cause additional accounting entries to be created along with a new set of entries after the part was added. Additionally, the user  would have to do a refund/return on the first part number before being able to add the additional parts. 

Rule: Only those users with the proper permissions may go directly to the requested parts invoice or complete the request directly from the service invoice itself. 

Reason: Per the request of our DX1 users these specific permissions ensure only the people the management or dealership principles ( owners) have the access to bypass the standard way a request is processed.