Types of Service Invoices used in DX1

Service Estimates 

Repair Orders 

Warranty Invoices 

Charge to Major Unit ( Internal inventory service work)

Part 1: Main Invoice Screen:

  1. Menu options on the left hand side breakdown:

Note: All Service invoices MUST start as a Work Estimate  then be converted to a repair order 

  1. Work Estimates: Any service invoice that has been added into DX1 but parts have yet to be reserved for the customer because they have not agreed to have the work done to the vehicle. 

  1. Repair Order: All Work Estimates that have been converted and are currently being worked on. These invoices can be for any of the Invoice types at the top of the document.

  1. Repair Order History: All completed and paid for Invoices.

  1. Voided Orders: All estimates or RO’s that were voided by the dealer 

  1. Standard Job Templates: All Templates that have been built by the dealer 

  1. New Job Template: Depending on permissions the user can create new templates

2. Additional Options on the main Service Invoicing screen:

  1. Add, Search, Warranty Only Toggle: 

B. The columns below the search options can be moved to change the order the information is shown.  Click on the column then drag to the new position. In this example RO# will be move to the first column so it show first from left to right.

C: Print, Email, and Part Request Status: 

Note: The symbol on the far left in the above screenshot is in reference to the status of part requests for the repair order. Color codes for status are:

Green: The RO does not have any open part requests or all requested parts:

  1. Been sold out of current stock

  2. All Special order items have been received and the invoice has been completed 

Yellow: Parts have been received in but have not been picked up by the parts counter and complete sale has not been clicked on

Blue: The Complete Sale button has not been clicked on at the parts counter.  This applies to selling of parts out of inventory and for special order parts being sent to the ordering area.

Orange: The part has been sent to ordering and is currently on a PO to be received though DX1.

Note: Users can hover their mouse over the colored symbol to see the status of that part as well. 

Part 2: Inside the Repair Order 

  1. Main screen of the repair order:

Menu on the left hand side: 

Top section of the invoice details screen: Users can do the following:

  1. Add photos to the unit for the job

  2. Edit unit details 

  3. Remove unit 

  4. Add multiple jobs

  5. View Customer Detail ( example: AR customer, any discounts etc…)

Bottom section of the invoice details screen: 

Job Information: an overview of the job with all work summarized ( parts, labor, sublet, etc…) along with total job price.

Unit Information: details on make, model, color and VIN ( if applicable) Miles/Hours In and Miles/Hours Out can also be recorded here.

Invoice Notes: Users can add notes to the overall Repair Order.  Individual notes can also be left inside each job as well .

Note: If notes have been entered the invoice notes tab will be in bold lettering 

Cashier: Taking and editing of payments, printing of deposits taken before the job is complete.