Rule: Adding a new or removing and existing slideshow module MUST be done by the DX1 website team. Users will need to call or submit a ticket, or chat with a support team member. A minimum of 24 hours is needed to fulfill such a request 

Reason: Certain parameters must be met for a slide show to be added or removed that cannot be done by the dealership itself no matter what the role or permission within the dealership.  Having DX1 make this change ensures those parameters are met correctly. 

 Rule: When adding private images to a slideshow, the image size must be set outside of DX1 using an image editing program, then uploaded to the slideshow. 

Reason: While DX1 does provide the Optimal Image Size which is the size the image should be that when uploaded will ensure the image fits the slideshow, it DOES NOT have the ability to resize the image internally. 

Click on the link below to see the instructions on how manage slideshow images 

How to change slideshow images