From the DX1 Dashboard under Parts and Accessories Click on the Sales Tile 

Click on New Invoice from the menu on the left. 

 Enter in the customer name.  If this is a new customer click the Plus button to add them to the dealerships customer list. 

 In the Part # field enter in MISC for miscellaneous part number then hit enter.  

A new screen will appear.  The user can then change the miscellaneous name to anything they want ( in this example we’ll use Gift Certificate) The name change will reflect in the description field.  Click OK.

Note: Leave all cost and selling price at zero. 

Once the changes if any have been made to the miscellaneous part information the user will be taken back to the main part of the invoice. Choose how many of the gift cards will be sold

In the bottom left corner click on the Cashier tab

Choose the Method of Payment the customer will be using to purchase the gift certificate    (example: cash, check, Visa…..) 

Note: DX1 defaults to a cash method of payment.  The dealer can also use multiple method of payments for the purchase as well.


In the Amount Received box enter in the dollar amount of the gift certificate being purchased. Click Payment. 

This will create a negative number in the Balance Due field.  The user will also see a negative number in the Amount Received box. 

To get the balance due to zero change the method of payment to Gift Certificates and click Payment again.

The payments will offset allowing for the gift certificate amount to be added to the correct account in Quickbooks

Complete the sale