Page Category

Before you can add the Vehicles tab to your page, check your page category. Your page should be set to use at least one Dealership category (Motorcycle Dealership, ATV Dealership, etc) 

Learn more about changing page category on Facebook.

Activating the Vehicles Tab

*If you have just changed your Facebook page category, you will need to wait a few hours before the Vehicles tab option will become available.

  1. Go to the left navigation menu on your Dealership Page.

  2. Select Settings.

  1. Select Templates and Tabs option on the PageSettings menu.

  2. Locate the Vehicles option under the Tabs.

  3. Swipe the Vehicles toggle to the right to activate the tab

  1. You can also drag and drop  to change the order of display of the tab in the Dealership Page.

  2. Your dealership page will display the Vehicles tab.