Login to Traffic Log Pro 

Once logged in, alerts will show if any new leads have come in automatically.  Click the X on the Attention box. 

For a new lead, fill in all fields shown except for REF# then click Submit

Choose from the available options ( for this example Dealership Visit will be selected) 

Fill out all applicable fields. 

Add any additional spouse or co buyer. Under the product section choose from OEM data or units from the dealership website 

For this example OEM list will be used.  Set the filters as shown then click submit 

Scroll down to see the results of the search then click on the desired unit 

Click the Trade in drop down arrow.  Enter in the trade in information or use the OEM trade in button.  After unit info is selected click the customer status drop down for additional information on the customer.  Users can also choose the length of the warranty as well. 

Choose from the Completed Steps section for the status of the lead.  Under General Information, fill out all applicable fields along with any field in green as those are required. 

If applicable, use the Sales Planner to set any appointments.  Fill out the required comments section.  Once complete, Choose from the additional options shown or Submit log.  Note: if any required field has not been filled out the user will be shown when attempting to finish submitting the lead. 

The lead has now been logged and can be searched for again to make any needed changes