Click the Sales tile 

Choose F&I Sales from the menu on the left 

Click Add  in the upper left hand corner, or select from any uncompleted sales as shown 

Search or add a customer as normal.  

The customer’s garage (units that have been purchased or have been brought into the service department) will popup.  

If the customer is brand new to the dealership and the dealer offers the ability to purchase the product without previous history, click the Add button. 

Use the drop down boxes to choose Manufacturer, Year, Model, and Color.  User can also do a VIN Search for the vehicle with the button shown 

When adding a unit, choose from the available options.  Color will be listed in the far right section.   Double click on the unit or click then choose Add Selected

Dealers may fill in applicable fields as shown. Click Save 

Search or enter in the product to be sold.  The available products will show or can be added as needed

The same edit options are available as when a product is sold during the sale of a unit. 

Click the Details button to print out or adjust payment amounts for the product

Make adjustments and print out the payment information as needed 

Make any needed adjustments to taxes as applicable 

Once the terms have been set click Convert to Deal 

Take payment, then complete sale 

Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner, then choose print for the customer receipt 

Note: Any stand alone F&I sale will still need to go through the posting process, just like any major unit sale.  Under the F&I Sales area under Type, when a sale is complete it will show as Accounting, and will need to be posted by the accountant before being fully sold 


For additional support or questions regarding functionality, you can contact our customer support team in a number of ways shown below. Again it is mandatory for dealers to get with their accounting and business departments to understand the rules and regulations for your local, state, and federal laws.