Dealers sometimes do not understand why the journal entries are posted in a certain way when it comes to some of the accounting processes in DX1. In the example below a walk through of how the entries are done when a part was special ordered but picked up after the complete sale button was pushed. 

In the example below the deal has been completed and posted showing all entries for the deal except for the requested part as the part has not yet been received and picked up. 

Once the Special Order part has been picked up and the complete sale process completed, The following set of entries will show in accounting reconciliation:

1. The entries for the receiving of the Special Order part

2. Un-Completed Entries:  DX1 generates these entries on purpose to reflect that a change has been made due to the parts being received. THESE ENTRIES SHOULD NOT BE DELETED!  they are to keep the accounts in QBs accurate and in balance as the dealer or DX1 may change something on the deal after they un complete and before they re complete. 

3. The entries now including the part that was Special Ordered