Navigate to the Dashboard.


Select the Flooring tile from the "Accounting" tile set.





Click +Add.






Enter the information in the necessary fields.                           





                                            Manufacturer Name
The Manufacturer this flooring will apply to
Flooring NameThe name you want this flooring estimate to be called
Terms DescriptionA short description of the flooring estimate
Discount DaysThe number of days before interest begins accruing (often called Free Flooring)
Net DaysThe number of days after the MU has been sold before the unit is expected to be paid off
InterestThe interest rate being charged to floor the unit
Discount AmountAny amount the flooring company does not charge interest on (Example: A flooring company may offer free flooring for the first $500 of a floored unit)
Account CodeThe name of the Terms Code in QuickBooks for reference purposes



Click Save.