The Price File Upload feature is used to upload price books from private vendors outside DX1's Public Price files. You may create new price books or update current price files. Prior to uploading a price file you must do three steps:



  • Create a Vendor for a Parts and Accessories Supplier                                 
  • Create a Private Catalog for that vendor, selecting a default category for all the parts to fall under                              
  • Attain a price file for that vendor, in any format.                  


Navigate to the Dashboard.


Select the Inventory Management tile from the "Parts and Accessories" tile set.




    If active, users may also click on Inventory Management favorites tile. 



Note: To add the favorites tile, click the link below 

Tile Favorites and Recently Viewed


Scroll down  and under Management Click the Parts Price File tab on the left hand navigation if DX1 hasn't directed you there automatically.


Download the Excel template provided.




Select Open File in the download dialog window.




NOTE: Mac users will need to open it from the downloads file in Finder. 



Use Copy and Paste to fill in the fields provided.


If you don't manually enter a Category, DX1 will default to PAC


Add a Bin Location to speed up receiving new items.




Select Save As from the file menu.





Type a title for the newly created file.


Click Save.




Close the file.                        



Within DX1, click Browse in the Find File field.




Find and select the file you just created.


Click Open or Choose.



Select the Parts Catalog in the drop down menu where the price file will apply.


Select the check boxes that apply to the file.








  • If a private price file is missing fields, you may elect to not include those fields in the upload by ensuring the checkbox is unchecked. Also, If a price file has some missing information in fields that are selected, DX1 will leave that field blank for the missing information.
  •  If you elect to not include the Category field, DX1 will default to the Category in the Vendor tile.                                




Bringing in a new product?  As some dealerships bring in new products they can often be bombarded with parts as the first order enters the dealership. You can assign bin locations for this new product here so that when you receive the parts, they already have a location in the dealership to be stored.



Click Upload.




Uploading can take up to 24 hours depending on the size of the file. At this point, DX1 will add this price book to the upload page. You are able to navigate away from this page without interrupting the upload.






Click the Recently Uploaded button to check the status




 Choose the price file then View Selected 

Example of a completed price file upload 


If you have any errors, DX1 will document those errors with location, allowing you to correct them and then click Re-Upload.