Group Subscriber lists and Newsletters 

Part 1: building a subscriber list

Subscriber lists can be built two ways:

Selecting from internal customers inside Dx1

importing from an excel or word document 

Example 1: Subscriber list from DX1 customers 

From the Dx1 Dashboard Click on Newsletters

Click on Subscribers from the menu on the left hand side. In the upper left hand corner All Subscribers will show.  These are customers with an email address pull from within DX1 in the customer tile.   Before adding a new a group or individual subscriber click on All Subscribers.

A list of All Subscribers will show.  The user will want to click the Refresh button to ensure any new customers that have been added into DX1 will be added to the list and any customers that have unsubscribed will be removed from the list.  This way an accurate count of subscribers will show. 

The user can now add New Subscribers individually that currently are not in the DX1, import a customer list outside of DX1, or create a subscriber group.

Note: To import a list of subscribers from outside of DX1 please click the link below. Details on requirements for the upload process will be covered within this link.

How to Upload New Subscribers

Click on Subscriber Group.  The Group Name will help keep track of who should be getting the newsletter that will or has already been created. The group can be built three ways:

All Subscribers: Customers from within Dx1

Import: A group of customers from a word document or Excel Spreadsheet

Additional Source:  A mix of internal customers and those from an Excel spreadsheet.

For this example All Subscribers will be chosen.  Since these customers will come from within Dx1 based on the Customer Search Tile the following options to pick certain types of customers are available: Click Save when search filters have been set. 

Once the Save button is clicked the new group will show under Subscriber Groups on the bottom of the current page. Under Subscribers to the right will show the number of customers that will be included in the group. 

Note:  Only the customers with valid email addresses will be included in a subscriber group. 

Click on the name of the subscriber group ( in this example it will be Polaris Customers.)   The user can now review the names in the list along with the following options: 

Note: When a customer unsubscribes to stop getting a newsletter this can take up to seven business days.