Question:  How can the parts counter know that a part has now been put on Back order? 

Answer: The status icon in the Pickup/Refund section will show a Red color 

The Back order ETA date will also show for the part or parts inside the invoice as well. 

To receive in the back order parts click on Receiving  at the dashboard tile or from the menu on the left 

    Once the vendor has been chosen the user will need to zero out the back order amount then change the RECV field to the amount being received.  The status box will turn green as well. 

Note: When using a scanner to receive, the user will not have to zero out the BO field. See steps below. 

In the example below, five of the ten back ordered parts will be received 

Click the drop down arrow and choose Use Scanner 

Scan the barcode the appropriate amount of times then click Validate 

Click Save 

The received parts will now show in the Recv field while still leaving the five additional parts in a back ordered status.  The Status box will now show yellow for a partial receive instead of the box remaining white when all parts were still on back order. 

Note: Users will still need to change the Back Order ETA Date if applicable by scrolling to the bottom and updating to the date as shown 

Once all applicable back ordered parts have been changed, click Receive PO 

  The Invoice field will need to filled in as normal and labels can be printed as well after hitting Save. 

the parts person will now be able to check the status of the invoice and see the icon is now green

The user will now also see after the pickup field is filled in when the item was received.