Refunding parts attached to RO's (from the Service Tile) 

Watch the video or follow the steps below 

This can be used for removing parts for invoices that have been completed as well as on hold.

  1. Under the Service section click on the red Sales tile

2. Dx1 will default to open repair orders. The user can choose from the list shown or click in the search box and enter the invoice number.

3. From the menu on the left, click on parts.

4. To be taken to the Parts Invoice attached to the Repair Order click on the arrow.

5. Since the part has already been sent to be Special Ordered ( in this example the customer changed their mind) the part must be refunded.  Click on the REF field and enter a 1 then tab over.  A negative value will show in the REF field then click Continue.

Before hitting the Complete Sale button the user will want to make sure the pricing and refund amount match leaving the invoice at a zero balance

6. Once the refund has been completed from the parts invoice the user will be taken back to the repair order.  The parts section will now reflect the refunds.


  1. All parts that were sold over the counter when refunded will show as a -1 on the parts section of the Repair Order. They will also show on the customer’s receipt the same way.

  1. Special Order parts that are refunded will show as a 0 in the parts section and on the receipt as well.