Transferring a unit out of Inventory may be used for a couple of  different reasons: 

To remove a unit that may have been put into inventory in error 

Moving a unit to another store

Part 1: Creating the dealership customer

Note: If the dealership customer has already been created skip to part 2

From the DX1 Dashboard click on the Customer Search Tile.

Click Add  in the upper left hand corner. Under the Company Name field enter in the title that the dealership will use to transfer units out ( example: a dealer might use Transfer Out or the name of the dealership itself) 

Note: By entering in a company name the user will be asked if they want the customer to be set up as a Retail Business.  This will allow the user to not have to fill in the required fields for first and last name.  

Enter in the Zip Code  as required at the bottom of the screen on the left hand side.  Fill in any other applicable information with the available fields provided. Note: The Display Name Field will auto populate with the company name given.   Click Save 

Note: The accounting mapping for this dealer will need to be done as some point so that when a transfer out is done the entries go into the proper account in Quickbooks.  

Part 2: Transferring the Major Unit out of Inventory ( entered in by mistake)

Click on Major Unit Management 

Click on Transfer Out of Inventory from the menu on the left hand side 

Click the New in the upper left hand corner. Users may do the following: 

1. Add the dealership 

2. Search for the dealership 

3. Transfer between dealerships ( if applicable) 

Note: Were this unit being send to another dealership an A/R account is advised to be setup beforehand to allow for the other dealer to be charged for the transfer if applicable 

The following fields need to be filled in:

  1. Transfer request number: this can be any number the dealer chooses - This number is typically assigned to you by the flooring company

  2. Transfer initiation date: When removing a unit use the current date.

  3. Transfer acceptance date: The date the transfer will actually occur.  Note: To remove the unit immediately, make this date the same as the  initiation date. 

Search for the stock number of the unit that needs to be removed from inventory.  Click the unit that then Add Selected

Note:  The Save button can be used to place the transfer oh hold in the event that a transfer out date is not known or has yet to be entered. Note:  The Save button will only be active if a Transfer Acceptance Date has not been entered. 

 The Complete button will now light up once the Transfer Acceptance Date has been added.  ( Note: the date does not have to be the same day as the transfer initiation date) 

A printout of the transfer will popup.  it can be printed or emailed as needed.