Rule: A customer MUST be created first before the rest of the transfer process is continued 

Reason: The created customer ( typically the name of the dealership) allows for a place for the unit to be transferred to

 Rule: The transfer initiation and accept date MUST be the same day for a unit to be transferred out immediately 

Reason: DX1 will  continue to show the unit inside inventory until the acceptance date is triggered. By setting the acceptance date as the initiation date this ensures the unit is removed. 

Rule: The save button will NOT activate if a transfer acceptance date has been entered in the required field

Reason: The save button is designed to give the user a way to begin the transfer process without having to complete everything if a transfer acceptance date has yet to be chosen 

Rule: Any unit in a deal status in the sales tile CANNOT be transferred out of inventory 

Reason: While yes the unit still shows in inventory, the process is designed to ensure the unit is not accidentally taken out of inventory, allowing for the potential completion of the sale of the unit.

For details on the transfer out process, click the link below 

Dx1 Major Unit Transfer Out Process