Sometimes you may want to see certain information in a report outside of the standard reports offered by DX1.  

DX1 uses the ActiveReports Designer program for building reports.  Click the link below for an overview of the basic layout and control functions.  

Quick Guide: Active Reports Web Designer 

Below we will cover the following:

1. Available Templates

2. Creating a Base Report

3. Customizing Your Report

a. Removing a Column

b. Adding a Column

c. Changing the Data in a Column

d. Changing or Adding a Sort 

e. Formatting Options

4. Previewing a Report 

Section 1: Available Templates 

Templates: give you a prebuilt starting point and provide a basic framework which you can then manipulate into a format that meets your needs. 

List of available templates: These templates are based off of the Standard DX1 reports with the most common data fields, Filters and Sorts.

  • Accounting Entries Template
  • Customer List Template 
  • Lead List Template 
  • Listing Inventory Template 
  • MU inventory Template 
  • MU Sales Template 
  • Parts Inventory Template 
  • Revenue Detail Template 
  • Service Sales Template 
  • Service Technician Template 

Note: the list of available templates will vary depending on a users role and permissions

Section 2: Creating a Base Report (The parts inventory template will be used) 

Click on Custom Parts Reports 

Click on Add in the upper right hand corner 

Fill in the required fields for Name, Description, Template and who will own the report.  

Choose the Template from the drop down menu. (parts inventory will be used in this example) 

Click Save to proceed to the Report Editor

The base report has now been created, remember to click the blue Save button to save your work 

Section 3: Customizing Your Report 

Reports can be customized in many ways, below we will cover the most common

1. Removing a Column:

Click on the column that is to be removed, then Right click at the very top of the same column and select Delete Column

The Part Number column is now removed

2. Adding a column 

Right Click on the column where you want to add a new column, from the pop-up menu select “Column” and then select Insert Column to the “Left” or to the “Right”  

The column has been added 

3. Changing the Data in a Column 

Hover your mouse over the data field (white row) you want to change, three dots will appear, click on the three dots.

Additional data field options will be listed, select the one you would like (example: cost, cost average, etc…..).

4. Changing or Adding a Sort 

You can sort the table data by any field in ascending or descending order, to do this follow these steps:

1. Click anywhere on the table and to the right a “Groups” menu will appear.  

2. Click the main table group and the Properties for that group will appear in the right menu

3. In the Properties menu in the Data section you will see “Sort Expression”, to the right click the “Shows items Icon” 

(5 small horizontal lines) 

4. You can now see any existing sorts, in this case we can see the report is sorted by “Age Days” Descending, we can remove this sort by clicking the trash can at the left 

5. To add a new sort click “Add Item” then click on the small grey box to open a list of available fields you can sort by and select your field 

6. You can now select to sort ascending or descending by clicking the Sort direction icon 

Note, at any time you can click the blue “Save” button in the upper right hand corner to save your report, you can also click the blue triangle in the top left to preview your report

5. Formatting Options 

Moving items

To move the main table, click anywhere on the table and then click on the move icon and drag the table where you want it 

Changing column widths

Click on the column, then place the mouse as shown

Place the mouse again over the blue line. Left and right arrows will show, click and drag to change the width 

In the example shown the Brand column is now wider 

Changing Fonts, Bold, Underline and font type 

Click on the cell that needs to have changes made.  To the right you will see the Properties menu for that cell.  In the Text area you can change things like Font, Font Size, Bold, Underline etc. 

In the example shown, category is now a different color 

Section 4: Previewing a Report

Click the Preview icon (blue triangle) in the upper left hand corner to preview your report 

To see for reports filter parameters click the Parameters icon in the left menu bar

To get back to the report editor click the Back arrow as shown below

Remember to save your report before leaving the editor