Q: What are Dealership Settings and where are they located? 

A.  Dealership settings are default values set when the dealership signs up with DX1.  It is rare that these numbers will need to be changed but if changes do need to be made they can be accessed as shown below:

Note: Only those with the proper permissions may access the areas shown in this document.  If you are an owner and you do not see all of the red service tiles when logged in, please contact our support department:

By phone: 877-944-6766

Email : DX1support@Dx1app.com

Click on the user’s initials in the upper left hand corner  then choose Dealership Settings

 The next few examples will focus on the menu on the left hand side once in dealership settings Note: the areas shown are based on the defaults created at the time the dealership went live. 

General Information: Changes can be made to the following:

Copy Logo URL: This allows the dealer to add their logo to emails, receipts, and email templates.  See link below 

Adding a logo to an email template

Customer Email Required: When toggled to the "On" position, an email must be added to the customer profile 

Dealership Hours: This section controls the hours shown on your DX1 supported website.  

Major Unit Setting 

Note: This will be broken down into three sections: Top, Middle, and Bottom 

Top: Users may make changes to the following:

50 State Model: Depending on the state with the box checked the correct model information will show as some model data is classified differently from state to state ( example: Some models may have (CA) next to the description of the model which may have different information than the same model from FL

Include Holdback In Cost: If applicable with add any hold back values to the cost of the unit when it is received into inventory

Quote Expiration Days: The number of days a quote will remain active in the Sales area before automatically expiring 

Doc Fees: This is the default amount that is added to any major unit sale.  The value can still be changed at the quote level during the sale id needed 

Invoice Number, HIN, VIN, and used VIN, and HIN number sequence format boxes: These fields represent how the numbers will appear within DX1.  ( example: VIN Stock Number Sequence Format formula states the auto generated stock number that is created is based off of the last six of the VIN number when the unit is added into inventory) 

Default Freight DSP, Cost, etc....  These are the defaults that show when a user adds a unit into current inventory

Default Pack Amount: an amount that the dealer wants to reduce the reported upon gross by for commission purposes


MU Invoice Message: When receipts are printed out what appears at the bottom.  Note: This does not apply to the Major Unit forms, this information would be used if for example, the customer puts down a deposit on a unit and needs a receipt.

The following checkbox section are all defaults: 

Trade in Value Reduces Taxable Amount: When checked will affect the amount of tax that is charged on the unit as trade in units are added.  This can be changed at the quote level if needed 

Enable Parts Processing in MU Sales: If not checked the user will not be able to request parts from a major unit quote

Mileage required on major unit receiving

Packaging: Sometimes a dealer will need to sell the unit with a trailer.  With this box checked allow the user to "Package" the two units together ( DX1 considers the trailer as a individual unit) so two quotes do not need to be created. 

Auto Activate Destinations: Any unit that is added into inventory will automatically be displayed on the DX1 supported website. The default can be turned off at the individual stock number level if needed.

Keep sales up to date: When checked alerts the user of changes to information on the major unit quote

Auto Hide Web Price

Major Unit Locator: See link for details 

Major Unit Locator

Trade in tax cap: See link for details 

trade-In Sales Tax Reduction Cap

Incentive value reduces taxable amount: Same rules as trade in value reduces taxable amount

Enable Service Processing In MU Sales:  Allows service invoices to be linked to the Major Unit quote

Add Doc Fee to profit: 

Enable Stock Photos: this can still be changed at the individual stock number if applicable

Dealership Default Price: This can be changed at the stock number either during the receiving process, or during the sales process

Enable charge to MU parts and service Discount/Rate: Allows for discounts to be able to be added for labor and parts when using the charge to MU process. 


Body Types Requiring Registration: For each body type that is checked, the major unit quote will not be allowed to be completed until the registration field is filled in at the invoice level.  See screen shots below for what this looks like at the invoice level when a box has been checked.

Under Invoice Details with a body type that has been set to require registration, a third tab will show for registration.

Click the icon on the left hand side as shown 

Fill out the fields shown then click Save 


Location List: This is for dealer who are using the location ( where a unit can be found in the dealership, example: the user may be looking for the unit on the showroom floor but it is currently being held in a storage area) This default area is where the dealer can create the names of where a unit could be located.