Dealers are now able to communicate with customers using the 2 way SMS feature. 

See below for a set of examples of how you may use this feature.

Example # 1: During an oil change the dealership sees the brakes may need to be replaced. 

Click the message icon as shown inside the RO.  Note: A valid mobile number is still required to use the feature. 

Any previous message history will show in the dialog box based on the phone number of the customer. Use the text box to type out the information for the brake work to be done then click send

Example of the message sent via SMS 

Users can close the dialog box then click the message icon to see if the customer responded

The user may also click on the Phone icon in the upper right corner. Any new messages that have come in for those using the feature will show with a number in red. 

Unread messages will have the blue dot as shown next to the message. 

Click the message to open and see all responses 

Example # 2: In the above example the customer agrees to the brake job.  Users can send images to the customer as well as using the prebuilt templates without having to send an email. 

Click the messages icon, then the paperclip icon in the lower left hand corner 

Note: Three file types are supported: 




If an unsupported file type is added the following error will show:

Note: There is a 5MB size limit for all images attached 

All images are auto send once attached

Click the document icon, then select the applicable template ( in this example an appointment reminder will be sent).

The reminder has been sent 

Example #3: The customer wants their receipt sent to them via SMS rather than email 

Click the print icon as normal, then choose Export to Image 

Save the image: ( for this example the image is saved to a special folder with invoice number) 

Click the phone icon in the upper right hand corner and search for the customer. The last message sent will show at the top.  Click the message or if new click the attach icon ( for this example there are previous messages that have been sent to the customer) 

Example # 4:  Customer wants the quote sent to them via text message

From the major unit quote, choose print from the upper right hand corner of the screen as normal. 

Once the print window is open, click Export to Image as shown 

The image will be downloaded.  

Go back to the quote, then click on the SMS icon. Click the attachment icon as shown then choose the image to be sent that is now a JPEG.  Images are automatically sent