Note: This feature is ONLY available for dealerships with multiple locations at this time.

Note: The process shown below assumes that all proper setup has been done.   When this feature is first used DX1 will create the necessary AR Customers and Vendors but you will need to map them to QBs.

Please click on  the link "MU Transfer between Locations - How it works" document for additional details

Part 1: Transfer out  from Dealership A

Click on Major Unit Management 

Choose Transfer Out of Inventory on the left

Click New in the upper left hand corner 

Click the Transfer Between Dealership button 

Search for the dealership that the unit will be transferred to.  Click on the dealership name then click Add Selected

Click the Search  button as shown 

Enter in the applicable information to find the unit that will be transferred out. Click on the unit then Add Selected 

If any additional cost have been added to the unit a warning will popup as shown. 

Fill in the required fields at the top as normal.  Note: The total for the transfer will show on the right.

Note: If any additional Service work internally has not been completed the invoice information above will show in red.  All work will need to be completed before the transfer can be completed. 

Once all required fields have been filled in click the complete button. 

Part 2: Transfer into Dealership B 

Click on Major Unit Management 

Click Transfer into Inventory from the left hand menu 

Note: If a Dealer has units waiting to be transferred in from another location they will see an Exclamation Mark next to Transfer into Inventory on the left hand side menu 

Click the Receive Dealer Transfer button

Choose the vendor the incoming unit will be applied to, then click in the Receive Transfer on the left hand side 

 User can confirm or confirm and go into inventory 

All info for the unit now shows inside inventory so the dealer does not have to rebuild the unit info. 

Note:   For additional details on how this feature works and the accounting entries that will be created please click on the link below.

"MU Transfer between Locations - How it works"