Part 1:  Token access 

  • The new WPS interface requires a token for authentication, previously an IP address along with a username and password were required.

To request the new token access dealers will need to click on the following link with their WPS dealer number and password: 

Dealers will then need to fill in the required information on the form and click Submit.  Once submitted they will be set up in the WPS system and issued an access token via email.

Part 2: Adding the token to DX1

Click on Vendor under Accounting 

Search for the Western Powersports (WPS) parts supplier 

A new field for API Token will now be available.  Enter in the token that was sent via email then click Save in the upper right hand corner. 

Once saved the dealer can now look up part availability by clicking the WPS icon when creating a parts invoice 

Once a token has been added, DX1 will also use the WPS interface to download your dealer specific price file from WPS.  NOTE: Initial update of your dealer specific price file may take up to 24 hours. Your price file will be updated automatically on a regular basis!