Dealers can now make changes to shipping and restock fees using new icons on the parts invoice screen. 

Note: When working with ANY Invoice, each user will need to click save button at least every 20 minutes.  If a user walks away from the open Invoice without saving within that 20 minute time frame changes to the Invoice will be lost!

Example 1: Shipping

Click on the icon on the right hand side 

A pop up box now displays.  

Add the shipping charge and click save 

The Icon will now show in Green that shipping has been charged.  This can be used as an identifier for parts that have had shipping charges added when there are many parts on an invoice.

Additionally a Shipping Charge section will be added to the summary section in the lower right hand corner.  Users can click on it and make changes before completing the sale.  This is done at the individual part line item and is not done at the invoice level.

Complete the sale as normal.

Example 2: Refunding or Charging  Restock Fees

Go through the normal refund process and click Continue 

To add, remove or charge a restock fee click on the icon as shown. 

A pop up box will show allowing for changes to be made 

User may also adjust the Restocking Fee in blue in the summary section as well. 

Complete the Refund as normal.