Adding a private vendor and catalog ( without accounting) 

Note: Only those employees with the proper permissions can access the vendor tile.

 From the Dx1 Dashboard click on the Vendor Tile 

Click the Add button in the upper left hand corner.

The user will be given the following choices: 





Major Unit Manufacturer 

Parts and Acc Supplier

Warranty Company

Sublet Vendor

Note: For this example a Parts and Accessories  Supplier will be added. Click Ok once chosen

Fill in the required fields with the red edge on the left hand side.  

Click the Add button under Supplier Vendor Catalogs.  Select the catalog the vendor will be attached to.

If the user does not see the catalog in the drop down it will have to be added. Refer to part 2 of this document for adding the catalog. 

  Once the catalog has been added fill in the needed zip code then click Save in the upper right hand corner. 

Part 2: Attaching the catalog to the new vendor

Click on Inventory Management

Choose New Catalog from the menu on the left

Fill the required fields.  When choosing from the Vendor drop down box select the vendor created in Part 1 of this document ( In this example choose Slider Corp ) The Supplier Code must be a mixture of letters and numbers.  From the Default Parts Category choose from the provided list.  With all defaults filled in click Save in the upper right hand corner.

Note: If a user does not find the vendor  in the drop down list the user may have not saved it before going to the Catalog Management tile.

Once the required fields have been filled out click the Save button in the upper right hand corner. 

Click the back arrow button in the upper left hand corner.  The catalog now shows in the list.

The catalog has also attached itself to the vendor as well.