Incentives FAQ 

Q: Where can I see the incentives available for a unit? 

A: Incentives can be found in the Major Unit inventory inside the detail of each unit in stock that has applicable incentives for that model. 

  1. From the Dx1 Dashboard click on the Major Unit Management tile

2. Search for the unit in inventory. 

3. From the menu on the left hand side choose Incentive and F&I 

4. Any pre loaded incentives will be shown at the top under incentives. 

5. Any active incentives will appear with the following information:



Start Date:

End Date:

Q: Can a user see all available incentives without having to look at each unit?

A: All available incentives can be found in two places in Dx1

The Major Unit Management Tile

The OEM Promotions Tile

Major Unit Management Tile: 

  1. From the Dx1 Dashboard click on the Major Unit Management tile

  1. From the menu on the left hand side of the screen choose Incentives

3. The user can search for specific incentives or click enter to show all active incentives, or  filter the search click on the gear on the right hand side of the screen

5. The Advanced Search allows the user the following options:

Status: Filters the Active and inactive incentives 

Manufacturer: Search by a certain manufacturer 

Incentive type: Dx1 offers four types: Salesperson, Customer Cash Back,  Manufacturer Rebate, and Dealer Rebate.

Date: the date the incentive was added. 

6. When a general search is done all incentives will show.  Click on the incentive to review the details.  Key boxes to notice will be the start date, end date, and the applicable models the incentive can be used for. 

7. The second place a user can find OEM promotions or incentives is the OEM promotions tile on the Dashboard under Websites.

8. The user can now choose from the drop down boxes the following search options:

Status: show all, approved, pending, or declined promotions. The user can also choose to have all OEM promotions Auto Approve by sliding the toggle switch to the on position in the upper right hand corner. 

Note: If the dealer chooses to Auto Approve ALL OEM promotions will appear as an option when the applicable model is being sold. 

Q:  Dealer does not see the OEM promotions for a model they carry 

Q: How can a private F&I product be added to Dx1? 

Note: Only those users with the proper permissions within Dx1 can add private F&I products in the administrative section of Dx1. 

From the Dx1 Dashboard click on the user name in the upper right hand corner.  Choose Dealership Settings from the drop down menu.

2. From the menu on the left hand side choose F&I products. 

3. Click the Add button in the upper left hand corner.  A new box will show with four tabs across the top.  Each of those tabs must be clicked on and the required boxes filled in.  

Tab 1: Information: each of the boxes with the red edge must be filled in. Dx1 offers four pre loaded options for Product Type


GAP insurance 

Pre Paid Maintenance


For the Product Name this is what the user will see when adding the product to a Major Unit Quote or Deal.  

From CC to CC:   this refers to the engine CC’s of the unit. 

Note:  It is recommended that the from CC box remain at 0.  This will allow for the product to be an option when adding to an mu deal.  If a user wants to set a different value it needs to be the exact beginning CC’s based on the unit information.  If the beggining CC number does not match what is set for the unit the product will not be shown as choice. 

Note: The Product Description box is not required however if it is filled in the description of the product will be shown as a way for the user to insure they are choosing the correct product. ( example: if two 24 month options are available to choose from the description may help the user in deciding which product they want to choose) 


Once all required fields are filled in proceed to the next tab. 

Tab 2: Accounting: Only the Vendor the product is for is required.

Note: If the user does not see the  Warranty Vendor they need in the dropdown it will need to be added in the Vendors tile before continuing. 

The next two dropdown boxes the Income GL Account and COG GL Account  are not required to complete the creation of the private F&I product. However If they are not mapped for accounting purposes when the product is sold on a MU deal the entries for that product will show up as pink in the Dx1 reconciliation screen.  The user may want to discuss with the dealerships accountant, bookkeeper, or dealer principles on where the entries should be mapped before creating the product or advising them that the mapping needs to be done once the product has been created so mapping can be done before the product is sold on deal. 


Tab 3: Details: By clicking the add button the user can now set the terms for the product being sold to the MU deal.

Term: the number of months the product can be used for ( example: 24 month 48 months)

Cost: What the cost of the product is for the dealer ( example $ 500)

MSRP: Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price

DSP: Dealer Suggested Price: what will the product be sold for.

Fill in the required boxes then click Save. 

Note: From the same Details tab the user can add multiple monthly terms for the same product by clicking the Add button.


Tab 4: Model Type:  The user will need to choose the model types the product will be available for.  

Note: Only the model types that have a check in the box will be available for the product to be sold to on an MU deal. Once the final tab has been filled out click the Save button.