Note: When working with ANY Invoice, each user will need to click save button at least every 20 minutes.  If a user walks away from the open Invoice without saving within that 20 minute time frame changes to the Invoice will be lost!

Watch the video or follow the steps below: 

From the DX1 Launchpad click the Sales tile 

Open the Major Unit Quote or Deal  being worked on 

Scroll down or click on F&I from the menu on the left 

Click the search icon then the Add button 

Fill in the required red edged fields

Note:  It is recommended that the from CC box remain at 0.  This will allow for the widest range of CC’s associated with the product to be an option when adding to an mu deal.  If a user wants to set a different value it needs to be the exact beginning CC’s based on the unit information.  If the beginning CC number does not match what is set for the unit the product will not be shown as choice.

Click the Details tab then click the Add button.  

Fill in the applicable information.  The Term is based on number of months ( example 36 months) Click the Add button for additional Terms for the product being added) Once done click Save 

Click the Model tab.  DX1 will default the product to the unit being sold.  Click the additional models the product can be applied to when selling the product in the future.   Click Save.

Note: The model types are in alphabetical order.  Click the arrows at the bottom of the box to see the multiple pages of model types available if applicable. 

Click on the Accounting tab.  Choose the Vendor for the product being created then click Save.

Note: The Income GL Account and COG GL Account Do not have to be filled in at the time the product is created. DX1 advises that the user let the bookkeeper or accountant know the product needs to mapped to avoid pink entries. 

The product will now show in the F&I box.  Click on the newly created product then Add Selected.