Building a Service Job Template 

From the Dx1 Dashboard click on the service tile 

From the same menu on the left-hand side choose New Job Templates

Click on the Applicable Model button. 

This section allows the user to decide whether the template can be used for any make, model, or year of the unit that comes into the shop or set certain parameters so a template can only be available to be used if the unit being brought in meets the requirements for the template.   

Example 1: All models 

Toggle the All Models switch.  This will allow for the template to be used for anything that is brought into the dealership. 

Example 2:  Setting model condition 

Here a user can decide if the template can only be used for specific units.

Applicable options:

Model year from and to

Engine CC’s 


Model Type 

Note: When setting a manufacturer all applicable model types must be added.

 As conditions are set they will appear in the boxes below. Multiple manufacturers and model types can be set.  To remove a manufacturer or model type click on the trashcan icon next to each. 

 Note: Custom Models can also be added through the Model Addition tab for units the dealership might not work on or carry on a regular basis.

Once all conditions have been set click Save

Give the template a Job Tile.  This is what will appear when the template is used for a Repair Order.  Add descriptions of the work being done. This will also auto fill in the Job Description box on the Repair Order. An additional toggle will allow the user to have the template automatically attached to any Repair Order or Work Estimate even if the template is not being used. 

Click on Labor from the menu on the left-hand side.  Set the rate type from the drop-down box. These are the same rate types for repair orders and work estimates.  Set the Unit hours and apply any discounts either by percentage or dollar amount.

Click on parts from the left-hand menu.  When the template is added to the Repair Order a part request will automatically be generated. As each part is added if the item is in stock a default value of 1 will show in the sold field. By clicking on the part number the user can also see on the lower left-hand side. Users can also change the unit extension or discount each part as needed 

Note: If a user has a limit for discounting parts set in user permission they will apply to templates as well. 

Click on Fees.  Click the plus button to add.   Only fees that have been created in dealership settings will show in the drop down box. Pricing can be changed by clicking on the dollar amount. 

Click on Sublet then the plus button. The Vendor and Job Description fields are required. Fill out all applicable fields to charge the customer correctly. Once filled out click the Save button.

Note: If the user does not find the sublet vendor in the drop-down needed the vendor will need to be added before the template can be completed with sublet charges. 

Once all areas of the template have been set click the Save button in the upper right-hand corner at the top of the screen.


For additional support or questions regarding functionality, you can contact our customer support team in a number of ways shown below. Again it is mandatory for dealers to get with their accounting and business departments to understand the rules and regulations for your local, state, and federal laws.