Option 1: Parts label Printing from the left hand side menu. This allows for the user to print labels for multiple part numbers.

  1. Click on  either the menu on the left hand side of the Dx1 Dashboard or the Inventory Management  tile 

2. Click on Parts Label Printing from the menu on the left hand side 

The labels area is broken into two sections, the top half allows for labels to be printed from inventory.  The bottom half will show the most recent parts that have been received and allow the user to reprint those parts if needed

3. To print labels out of inventory enter the part number in the search field 

4. Additional search filters are available using the drop downs.  Click the X in the upper right hand side to reset the filters

 5. All part numbers that meet the search criteria will show based on the searched part number. Click the add icon next to the part number to add it to the print list below

A warning will show if the maximum number of parts to be printed has been reached.  Use the trashcan icon to remove part numbers then click the add icon again.  

7. Once in the print list Dx1 will show the current amount in inventory under QOH

 (Quantity On Hand). The Print QTY number will match the QOH unless the user decides to print more or less labels. 


8.  Click the Print  button in the upper right hand corner.  The user will now be taken to the regular print screen.

Option 2: Printing at the individual part number level inside inventory item detail 

Once inside the detail screen of the part number, click the Label button in the upper right hand corner. 

Print label as normal