Regular and Seasonal Min/Max settings in Dx1

Watch the video or follow the steps below 

Question: What are Min/Max settings and why are they used in Dx1?

Definition Min: The smallest amount in inventory for a part number (example 1) that will need to be reached before the part number is placed into ordering automatically. 

Definition Max: The maximum amount ( example 5) the dealer would like to have on hand at any time.  This allows for stock to not drop below a certain number for inventory purposes.

Why a dealer may use the Min/Max option: the feature can be used per part number in Dx1.  This allows the dealer to not worry about having to add that part number to the ordering section of Dx1. 

Q: Where are Min/Max numbers set in inventory?

  1. From the Dx1 dashboard click on the Inventory Management Tile 

2. Search for the part number in question.  Click on the part number to see the detail. 

3.  Min/Max settings for both regular and Seasonal are located in the lower left hand corner for each part number within DX1. To activate the Min/Max feature the Allow Min/Max and Seasonal  each Reorder box MUST have a  check mark.  If the box is not checked  The Min/Max feature is not active for the part number. 

5.  Set the Min QTY In Stock and Max Qty In Stock . In this example the min will be 1 and the max will be 5.   Once Min/Max has been set click the Save button in the upper right hand corner.

Q: What will a user see when a Min/Max number is reached in DX1 ordering?

Example part number: 0102

The example part number has 1 in stock and 1 available to sell. 

Since the Min/Max setting will trigger when 1 is in stock 4 more will be added into the ordering area