Q. How are parts brought into DX1

A. DX1 works with a catalog system, which can be a mixture of public and private catalogs.  The definition of these two types are as follows:

Public: These are the most common types of parts that DX1 will get directly from the manufacturers ( example: Honda, Suzuki, Polaris, Etc.) These parts are referred to as price files.  These files are uploaded to the dealerships account when they start using DX1 or are added as  needed so long as the dealership has been given permission by the manufacturer to have access to that parts data. 

Private: Typically these are parts files that are uploaded by the dealership themselves. 

Q. Does DX1 assist with the upkeep of these parts? 

A. For the public catalogs DX1 is responsible for the following: 

1. Price changes as they are received from the parts suppliers

2. Suppression of part numbers

3. discontinuation of part numbers 

Note: All updates to public catalogs are done as the information is received from the supplier. 

For private catalogs the dealership is responsible for the above listed information. Dealers may also obtain the price file from the vendor and email that file to support so it can be uploaded.

All inventory levels for both private and public catalogs will be managed within DX1 as the dealership uses the DMS itself. 

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